About WOV

The Women of Virtue Organization (WOV) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that allows women and men who support WOV women from all around the world to actively take a stance against immoral behavior, whether in their national/civil governments, communities, schools or even in their own homes. It encompasses women of all faiths and women whose purpose is to fight for a more virtuous way of living.
It is WOV’s objective to lift up their voice by raising awareness of political issues that are being enacted and forced upon us and fight back. WOV will use the same means that filth is being distributed to us, such as blogging, websites, Facebook, Twitter, youtube, newspaper articles, videos, commercials and every other means of media to get our message across. WOV will counteract special interest groups and hold meetings to encourage and uplift WOV women.  We will write en mass to political leaders, church leaders and other organizations to allow the world to publicly hear our voice that we will not stand for corruption any longer. WOV will fight against feminist organizations whose sole purpose is to destroy virtuous living. WOV will also be highlighting regular but extraordinary women throughout the globe by sharing biographies and interviews, helping women gain admiration for real women and striving to frustrate the media’s push to worship adulterous women.
This women’s organization is unique. WOV seeks to inspire women and motivate them to live virtuously. We know that there is still pride in womanhood and honor, integrity, and self-worth that we need to help woman feel within themselves and then pass it along. We encourage WOV women to share with us their personal involvement and to give acknowledgment to women they may know that deserve recognition. Share with us political agendas or troubles that are occurring in your area that we may unite together in WOV and overcome false ideals.

Share WOV with all your friends through any means you can and make a difference; let your voice be heard.  Spread the WOV, and VOW with WOV!