Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Make Prostitution Illegal in Nevada!

On February 22, 2011, Nevada’s Senator Harry Reid spoke to the joint session of the Nevada Legislature, at the Legislature in Carson City. (Read full article here.) He spoke out against legalized prostitution in the state of Nevada. (Nevada is the only state in the country that has legalized prostitution.) He expressed his resolve to ban prostitution and make it a federal bill that encompasses all the states in the union. WOV hopes to raise awareness of this issue and unite in support of the proposed bill.

“Harry Mason Reid (born December 2, 1939 is the senior United States Senator from Nevada, serving since 1987. A member of the Democratic Party, he has been the Senate Majority Leader since January 2007, having previously served as Minority Leader and Minority and Majority Whip.” –Wikipedia, Harry Reid

Please click here to contact Senator Reid to express your support.


Steve Finnell said...

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McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

I would just like to give a food for thought. I was watching Oprah a long time ago and she did an episode about child molesters and child pornography. The point of her show was to bring awareness about this one program that would be able to find the offenders in a second using internet technology and we could be passed this act if we wrote our senate. I was passionate and in tears by the end of the show. While she was showing where the majority of these people live by pulling up a map of our nation and placing red dots of the majority of the problem. Nevada had the least amount of child sex offenders. On my own, I came up with a theory. How is it that "sin city" has the least amount of red dots? That is where the highest amount of pornography is and prostitution. It then downed on me that the reason there is not as big of a problem in NV is because people are able to get out all their sexual fantasies because things are more sexually available there than in other states.

So my question is.... what if legal prostitution lower the rate of child molestation? Would it be worth it, especially if it lowered the crime of rape and other sexual abuse? Does it serve more as a positive response then a negative? Would it change the way other people viewed prostitution if this statistic was proven to be true? At least prostitution is consensual and not steeling the virtue, innocence and value of a human being. But on another hand what if prostitution was the cause of these issues?

**For the record I am not for prostitution!!! I just had this thought back in 2007 when Oprah's show was first aired.

** If you would like to reply to this comment, email me at Haolepinos{@}gmail{.}com