Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome to WOV

Welcome lovely women of all ages to WOV. Let us introduce ourselves as The Women of Virtue Organization.

We want to invite all women and men who support WOV everywhere around the globe to join with us as women who stand for something in today's world of shifting values. You might have noticed that the world of today is no longer the world of yesterday. Where did the good traditional values go? What has happened to real women?
Women who stand up for home and family, for youth and children, for cleanliness and modesty, for community and government.

In today's world women are taught and pressured into becoming the super-woman of our homes and communities with idols that have no moral fiber. We fixate our standards on unrealistic perfection that is fed to us through the media, celebrating women in their careless, undignified and loose behavior. Everywhere we look the moral foundation of our society is being bombarded with a new wave of acceptance for all walks and ways of life such as pornographic images being widely accepted and tolerated, homosexuality being imposed on traditional family values, abortion being the "woman's choice" and not viewed for what it really is, and God being dissolved and looked down upon. We are better than this! We have worth that the world does not see. It's time that Women of Virtue have a voice and take a stand in their communities and government, both local and national, against the corrupt and destructive views of our society today.

We ride on the reputation of great women such as Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Emmaline Pankhurst and many more. These early feminists labored diligently for women's rights and defended virtuous living. Today's feminists cry for equal rights that take them from their homes and children, that allow them to terminate unborn lives, corrupt our education with amoral standards calling it "acceptance", and destroy the sacred union of a man and a women.

We have taken for granted what our forbears have given us at the expense of their liberty. We glorify women of our pop-culture who fornicate and commit adultery, women who ignore the purity of their bodies and flaunt themselves as sex-toys to meet men's perversions. We look up to these women, are curious to know everything about their indecencies, and strive to look like them and act in such careless ways. Things like Botox and plastic surgery have become our way of living up to these unrealistic women. Women who are poised, modest and articulate in manner are looked upon as prudish and weak.

What we don't seem to realize is that we are destroying our own self-worth and the worth of our future generations, beginning with ourselves and our own daughters. We become bound by immorality as it decays the very root of our society and leaves us longing for true happiness and value. What seems to be the cause of all this destruction? We have forgotten the very being who has made us. We have forgotten God! It started with education. We separated ourselves from Him as we listened to intellectuals who claim that they know better than the millions of witnesses and followers of all faiths and walks. We allowed these men and women to corrupt our traditional values, so lovingly taught to us by our mothers who held a firm belief that God existed. Mothers who taught us that moral living brings blessings, happiness, and self-respect that is immeasurable. We have allowed these special interest groups to tell us that we are wrong and that they are right, that God is a thing of the past and for people who are uneducated!

Well, we are here to say that they are wrong. God does exist, and without him our country and our world will rot with sin. Let the world hear our voice. Let us honor women of virtue; women who stand for these traditional values. Let us not allow the world to push us and manipulate our minds to debase us. WE are better than that! Let us show the world exactly who we are and that we will not be trampled underfoot. Let us show that we are willing to fight for what is right and maintain our dignity and virtue despite the filth of the world that surrounds us. Let us stand unadulterated and bright, wholesome and honorable. Let us stand together!


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